Ja Dubow 27798 (Platon) A-2 jacket review and pics

Lord Flashheart

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It'll be interesting to see the gap between your two deliveries! I think Lord Flashheart had no notification, his jacket just arrived out of the blue so maybe yours is on the way too! Apologies Lord Flashheart if I'm wrong.
That's correct Stanier. It took me more than a second for my head to work out what the parcel with the Greek stamps was when the nice post lady dropped it off. I must've looked a bit confused for a moment or two. So .... my experience was as follows. Ordered early December 2019. I sent an email in mid June enquiring about likely timeline. No reply. Jacket arrived mid July and an email followed a day later (if I recall correctly) to say my jacket had been shipped.

I can only state what others have said here about confidence and refer to my earlier posts in which I described my email exchange with Platon. He appeared genuinely apologetic about the customer service. I'm nonetheless very pleased with the jacket.


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Platon said he is too busy..

He is set up for success already.. I certainly understand, he was not 'embraced' the way Shawn has been. And I also understand why.


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Whilst I understand the whole, "I'm only a one-man-band team/there's only a couple of us" kind of thing, come one, give me a break, how long does it take to check your emails once a week and send a quick sentence - "Thank you for your email, we currently have a number of jackets ahead of yours but your jacket is looking to be around...(eg 6 weeks)...from beginning construction."

It's not like he's selling iPhones and has a 1,000 queries coming through every week. Pull your finger out, get some manners/good customer service, and man up and spend an hour or two every week answering these kinds of queries from people who've splashed out and entrusted you with their hard earned moolah.


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"Dear Platon, can you tell me what size needle your machinists use in their sewing machines as a matter of some urgency please? You see I am very worried about how much the stitch holes will show in your jackets when caught at a particular angle in a certain light" ...
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