Ja Dubow 27798 (Platon) A-2 jacket review and pics


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Here are some close up pics...
Collar, hook and snaps... Neat stitching.

Pocket detail

These show some of the leather character... Some with more grain, mismatched with slightly smooth texture.
Also get an idea of how the hue changes a bit between panels. More pronounced in sunlight.




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That’s a good looking quality jacket . I think the guys who purchased these did well for themselves, as I don’t see Platon being able to offer a jacket like this for the money he’s charging indefinitely.


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Yes, these are great buys.
I wonder the same thing. I asked a while back if he'd be offering any other contacts and he said... possibly... Dep on the response to these.
But the question then would be, if he please another contract or even would these be the same price....


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Yes, I can wear a collared shirt or sweater. Wore it all yesterday with a light sweater... Its really comfy.
I think also, because I have a very trim waist, the waist knit 'feels' like it could be a bit tighter, but really, I'm being silly... this jacket is going to look amazing when properly broken in.
You know, it's funny, a lot of BK jackets seem looser in the waist knit when looking at various fit pics. Particularly G-1 types. I had one of their house A-2s when he was starting out and that was so loose I had to send it to Shaul Dover at Flightjacket.com to tighten it. It would have been a ridiculous cost to send it back to BK. Maybe they're afraid to make them too snug.


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Actually, yes... I think I'd agree with that, but not loose, just not as tight maybe, as some other A-2s I've had.
Thing is, I have a trim waist, so someone not quite as trim as me would likely be very happy that this is the case.
This is maybe another reason it looks a bit long in some of the pics, as the leather body is not held up as much as it would be, was the waist knit tight.


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How is the sleeve taper down to the cuff on Platon's as BKs are notorious for big sleeves around the cuff knit with not much taper, from what I can see from your Dubow it looks pretty good.


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I do not have an original 42 to compare with, but from my best guesstimates, I'd say its correct, i.e. there is obvious taper.
Seems to me, at least, that these are pretty good patterns.


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I know you rarely see the under stitching but I have to agree that's not good on the collar and pocket flap plus the sleeve looks as if it should be tighter too, the seam doesn't look very flat.


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Just took delivery of a russet horse Dubow from Platon. A couple details that struck me were how close he came to matching the distinctive reddish color knits and olive drab stitching of original Dubows. Overall really pleased with the jacket and looking forward to beating the shit out of it!