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J.A. Dubow 23379 Size 40


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Ran across this one, which looks to be in pretty damn good shape to me. There may be a small tear on the back, but it's not mentioned in the listing, and would need to be confirmed by the seller. The jacket sports a working Crown Zip. Price seems on the high-side, but I haven't been keeping up on current original A-2 prices in good shape. Seems to me that adding a set of new knits would make this a great wearer for someone who's a size 40:


EDIT: Must be 'size 40 original A-2 in good shape' day.... ;) Here's a Perry 23377 in glorious goat (about a dead-ringer for the Indian goat I had on the GW Perry I once owned) :cool::

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yeah, thats a super dubow. would fit me. too bad I am jacket broke:(. Wish I could just wear something like this once. or even just feel it. Ah, the bug and allure. Now you boys know what I want for Christmas.:)
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Those 2 jackets are pretty much sold for around the same price if not cheaper than second hand high end repros with "time worn" process added. The Perry usually fits a little snug so a size 40 would have fitted me and I would have bidded on that if I was in the market then.
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the second contract dubows are rare birds, are not often offered. in wearable condition, almost impossible to find. because of the narrow body, and narrow shoulders, a size 40 perry [especially in goat], a size 40 fits more like a size 38.