It`s TUFF to own STUFF

Thomas Koehle

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maybe irritating title but actually nails my current emotions ...

After working abroad for 12 years i finally had time to start to rearrange my collection. Since the last years i mostly bought but never really tried to get any kind of order into the things i gathered over the years.

Now i plan to redo the floor of my "man cave" so I'm forced even more to get anything organized.

Ah yeah - and inbetween i fought that very intense battle with the moth-invasion 6 months ago ...

Anyway just some snapshots of the situation right now which will - hopefully - improve within the next couple of weeks

The "PT BOAT" N1 was fully done by TIES as well as the stencils for the "SARATOGA" N1

only a glimpse of whatelse is stuffed in boxes, crates, drawers, sideboards, ...


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The funny part is we gather up all sorts of things that the guys and gals were happy to leave behind to get back to civilian life. Then we even make high quality reproductions of some of it. Funny interest to have I suppose; part preservationist, part honoring the past, part admiration, and some are just jaunty, good fashion to enjoy.


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Indeed cave Aladdin!!!
Unfortunately, all our are rares flights to Germany are turn flights usually , but Thomas, if we get stuck once in Germany I'll ask for visit.