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Ok .... Looks like we’ve had about all the input we are going to get here, so here’s my guess for what it’s worth.
First off I cheated :rolleyes: I used Gary Eastmans A2 Manual.... ( OK .. nobody’s perfect) . Now the first thing was the zip. I found four contracts that used a Talon M-39 No5 zip.
They were the Aero 16160 , the Rough Wear 16159, the Rough Wear 18091 and the Fred Ostermann 23383 contracts . Then I looked at the square pocket corners and immediately eliminated the Rough Wear contracts because pockets on Rough Wears were a much different cut and Aeros and FO had square cut pockets . Ok now I’m down to 2 contracts so I chose the Aero 16160 as the eBay jacket based on the following . The epaulets on the Aero jacket seem to be one width from the shoulder point to the neck point which is an Aero Epaulet . The FO epaulets are cut exactly the opposite of a United Sheeplined Epaulet in that the United is wider at the shoulder and tapered to the collar of the jacket . The FO epaulet is the exact reverse wide at the collar and tapered down to the shoulder . This does not match the eBay jacket which has the same width Aero style epaulet from beginning to end . Then I looked back at the zip . The eBay jacket has a nickel plated Talon m-39 zip puller exactly like the one on the Aero 16160 . The FO jacket has a Talon M-39 zip however , the puller is brown coated not nickel and does not match the eBay jacket . Lastly the pockets on the eBay jacket are very squarely cut particularly on the corners like the aero 16160 where the pockets on the FO are a bit longer and has very slight rounded corner. So for those reasons I’m guessing an Aero 16160.
Please jump in here if you guys think it’s a bad guess, as this is the way I learn from you guys and this forum.

Jan just pointed out that the extra wide storm flap at the bottom of the jacket is a strong indication that the eBay jacket is a Fred Ostermann 23383 A2 . And I have to agree with him . So much for that analysis!:D:D
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some 10 years ago, or so, I owned a fo in stone mint condition, size 42, that was more like a generous size 44. like a fool,, I sold it to a buddy in Japan for small coin. duh. I do remember that it was made with a quirky construction....not unlike the fo navy m series jacket. considering the rarity of the eb fo, the price is not outta line.