Is this normal wear on a new jacket?


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Hello everyone,
I received this jacket today and I am absolutely in love with it, I did however noticed there are several areas in which the skin is scuffed, appearing like it was rubbed against something which left scuffs on the skin. I've took some pictures and shared them here:

Being my first time owning a leather product, I am not sure whether this is just the character of the leather or if I was sold an used item as new. I've tried to gently rub the areas with the marks with a damp cloth and that seems to make disappear for as long as the area stays damp, they come back very quickly once it has dried back up however. You guys seem to know your way around a leather jacket and thus I was wondering if you could kindly look at the pictures and advise me whether or not should I just return it and, ask for a replacement.

Thank you in advance


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I’ll be happy to give you my opinion however keep in mind that others will be by to offer you their opinions. Some of those opinions may differ. So ... here it goes. A leather jacket looks so much better as it ages. Part of the aging process is wearing the piss out of the jacket through all types of weather and activities. Treat it like it was meant to be treated and beat the hell out of it and don’t baby it. So ... I certainly wouldn’t worry about these small scuffs and would hope that the jacket developed more with heavy wear.
That’s probably not what you expected to hear but that’s my opinion.


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Hi Red46. Welcome to the forum. I personally think areas like this scuffing add character to a leather jacket. I wouldn't worry a bit about these - just enjoy your jacket and wear the heck out of it!



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Agree with the above. If it really bothers you you can find some shoe polish or cream that matches the jacket colour, and use that to cover it up. But it's gonna happen again, so might as well get used to it. Some people pay money to have that kind of wear done artificially.


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As everyone here has said that's entirely normal. Leather will scuff up eventually, some quicker than others depending on the top coating but it happens with all leather. Scuffs and marks are a good thing because as they build up over time they combine with wear to create patina which is exactly what you want with a leather jacket. Patina is one of the main reasons people love leather jackets.

With your first leather jacket the initial marks can be a bit panic inducing but take a deep breath and realise that in the long run this is actually a real good thing. Stop fretting, just wear your jacket and let it start developing that wonderful patina.


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Not much to add to the above comments, except you say that you just received this jacket.. was it purchased as new? if so, that borders on unacceptable for a new jacket if you paid full price.. if its a used jacket certainly no damage to be concerned about..wear it well.
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Those are very minor. I would not worry about those light marks. They will certainly blend in with wear. It appears the hide has a tan undercoat showing through a bit. A good thing as it will gain character, like those marks, quickly. You can rub a very small amount of Renapur leather balm on it. It will darken the appearance of the marks, make them more subtle. Don't use too much. Start with a very small amount and work it into the leather. Let it set for an hour, then wipe off with a lint free cloth. Better to have to add more then to put to much on at first.



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When I waited for months and paid a lot of money for my first bespoke leather jacket, I was so worried about every mark...
FF to a few years after and I realized as others have said, let it get marked up and enjoy it. It only will look better in time with all the scrapes, scuffs, etc.