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Is this normal wear for a Irvin or can I do something?


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Guys...may sound like a silly question but I have an ELC 1940 pattern Irvin as part of my collection which is 2 years old and has seen some use in the last two winter seasons...I have noticed that the shearling is thinning out on the edge of the cuffs already and I am wondering if this is normal behaviour.
As I would like to use this jacket for a few more years I am wondering how it will look like though in 5 or more years though...other than that I am loving it...it's way better IMHO than a B-3 and it looks "sexier" (c) my significant other ...



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I’ve seen this on other ELC Irvin’s and if I’m not mistaken this was an issue discussed here a few years ago. You might do a search for this topic as I’m sure someone had one that they sent back to the company for just this reason .


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Just like the originals they can go bald on spots on the cuffs and waist and it's probably dependent on how much wear and also the sheepskin batch.

I have an ELC 1940 that I bought new in 2007 and it's got a few bald spots but then again I have worn it a hell of a lot.

Ken at Aero Leather

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Shit happens
If it bothers you it's an easy fix to have a new foid back/cuff section grafted on the the larger sleeve
Many originals had a seam hidden under the fold back, same will/could happen to yours
ELC should be able to do this for you in an hour or so max


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thanks a lot for your answers guys...I just wanted to know if its only my jacket that looses some hair (as its owner does due to progressing age :D ) or if its a common trend...
a special thanks to Ken for that interesting nitbit about the cuffs, I might really ask the ELC guys when I visit their pop up...
its really not a big deal, my old ELC B-3 shows the same signs of age and I guess just as the other jackets show some wear and tear after some time, the shearling jackets just do the same, albeit a little bit differently...


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Happens on all sheepskins at wear points. On Irvins it’s usually the cuffs. My B-3 has it on the inside where the adjustment straps for the waistband create a fold. The ELC Irvin I briefly owned had it too. Goes with the territory.