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Is Alpaca itchy?


I've read a few reviews of the B10 alpaca wool lining where some people claim its very itchy.

I wear a lot of short sleeves. I know it will be somewhat personal but survey says?


For me, yep. I found Buzz and Eastman very itchy, Real Mccoy less so but i'd not wear it against bare skin, the itch would drive me crazy!
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Personally, alpaca (or wool) against my bare skin doesn't bother me. I guess I have a high tolerance. Like you stated though, it really comes down to how much each person can stand.


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I have an Eastman B10 and a Buzz Ricksons N1 and can wear a t shirt without any itching.


It depens on whether you are sensitive to alpaca wool or not. My aero mariner lined with alpaca worn over a tshirt does not cause itching.

Peter Graham

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The Alpaca wool found in original jackets such as the B-10, B-15 and N-1 is very soft to the touch and can be worn next to the skin with no irritation, however the stuff found in BR jackets is some wool/synthetic blend that looks a bit like Alpaca but is much harsher on the skin and not half as warm. I can't comment on the other makers.


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Alpaca drives me round the twist, and I can wear any other wool against the skin.

I really think the alpaca thing is an entirely subjective thing, some seem to have not a jot of a problem with it, others, it drives them up the wall. Peter might have a point about how it's been processed/spun, although I personally can't tolerate the stuff and I even bought the softest alpaca scarf I could find when we lived in Chile, but even after a couple of minutes I'm scratching like mad.

Best try yourself out on the stuff first would be my advice.


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Jackets like this weren't meant to be worn next to the skin. There would have been underwear, uniform, and the B-10/A-9 jacket and trousers had the F-3 heated flying suit underneath as well. Not many blokes wore just a t-shirt under their B-10 at 30,000 feet! A bit excessive for trip to the shops, I grant you.


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I wear a ELC B10 with just a T shirt and to date have never had a problem or case of itching, however some of the very cheaper versions I have heard people complaining about the "wool" used does cause itching.


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Most wore at least the t-shirt and wool regulation officers shirt. Even those, and more particularly the enlisted version with that coarse wool, drive some people nuts.