Information about A2 jacket with hidden button

Hello everyone!
I had found this image on FB. I think this jacket is a combination of a2 and waldo pepper.
I have tried to find but could not find the information of this jacket.
I really love this jacket.
Can anyone give me information about this jacket or where this jacket is sold?
Thanks so much!


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Still recall getting on for 40 years ago coming across a similar one in Flip in Long Acre...and not buying it!

Dana Andrews(R) and one other character can be seen wearing button A-2's in THE PURPLE HEART, though Richard Conte(L) is wearing a regular zipped one, though the jacket you pictured looks to have smaller pockets.

I love A2 jacket. I have one. I used to imagine what an a2 jacket would look like with an hidden button.
At first I thought it was just a joke until I saw that picture.
The A2 with button probably no longer produced, so there's no longer any information about this jacket.
I just need a few quality photos of this jacket. I can give it to Shawn and Shawn can make this
Thanks all for your help !
I would guess that the zip failed on this jacket sometime ago and rather than fit a new zip ( possibly couldn't find anyone capable of such a repair) The jacket was modified so that it could be closed. Old zip removed, windflap front edge unpicked to create a button hole placket, whilst still retaining an external flap to hide buttonholes. Quite a crude repair / modification, possibly done post war when people didn't hold these jackets in such high value.


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Yeah I don't think it was issued like that - the buttonholes look a bit crude, and if they were going to put buttons on an A-2, I don't think they would be that colour.
Upon closer inspection, the detail of this jacket are negligent.
If the coat is repaired. Why did it appear in this movie THE PURPLE HEART .
I think maybe this jacket has been produced. But for some reason, the button is not feasible than zipper. So this jacket was not produced.
Look closely, the windflap front edge is longer than the original