Inexpensive jacket #6 Schott 125


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This is a Schott Model 125 in size 48. It is in the Perfecto line, so it has Schott's best materials and workmanship. I bought it on *Bay in November 2009 for $215 including shipping... more than I like to pay for these mid-range jackets, but that's what I paid. I've wanted to try a 125 for some time, but they rarely turn up on *Bay in my size, and I have been beaten on several auctions. This was a Buy-It-Now auction with provision for a Best Offer and they accepted my offer. I think the poor economy is affecting used jacket prices, which is good for a guy like me if I can be aggressive enough.

Schott 125 48a.jpg

This one is in outstanding condition, especially considering its age (made late 80's to 1995). No damage to the leather anywhere, zippers and snaps all work, pocket linings intact, lining is free of tears or worn-through spots, and it came complete with its zip-out liner. I machine washed it in cold water with Woolite, air-dried it, and then treated it with Red Wing Leather Conditioner and a heat gun. A little candle wax on the zippers and it was ready for use.

Schott 125 48b.jpg

This model has no belt and the waist adjusts with the leather ties shown below.

Schott 125 48j.jpg

This works OK, and there is no belt flopping around when you're off the bike and have the jacket open, but there is some extra stress on the bottom of the main zipper. The plastic reinforcing on the fabric bottom of the main zipper on this one has disintegrated and there is a tiny bit of fraying of the now-exposed fabric. Schott wants $70 plus $10 return shipping to replace the zipper. I think I'll wait.

Schott 125 48h.jpg

I've owned six other Schott motocycle jackets: three Model 141's (the cafe style), two 118's (the classic W-style with a half-belt), and an older cafe Model 157 (Inexpensive Jacket #4). I like their leather and workmanship, but their prices are really getting up there. FWIW, a new one in this size runs $524 (December 2009). Still, this is a very serviceable jacket for motorcycling.

Schott 125 48d.jpg


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These "inexpensive jackets" posts would be your behind the scene footage of the main Langlitz comes home feature.


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I’ve got one of those, one of my favourite jackets. Mine cost me £40 from Ebay, but it’s considerably more battered than that one. The bottom of my zip was separating when I got it, I stitched it up myself.


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Nice example! This model was one of several that were all the rage in 1980s upstate NY when I was a teen. Syracuse had two shops in particular that dealt extensively in Schott jackets, many in the desirable "naked" cowhide. As I recall, in those days Middle Earth Leather was located in a warehouse-like building where you could observe some of the manufacturing operations. I assume the Schotts were off the rack but they carried many unusual variants including a cafe racer in natural buckskin color.