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    This a Kerr café-style jacket in a size 48. I bought it on that auction site for $95 in January 2008. It was in slightly used condition, with tags. I don’t think it was a great deal, but still a reasonable jacket for the price. Supple, thick (but not Schott-thick) leather in a generous cut. Three exterior pockets, but none inside.

    Kerr Cafe 48 2  front open.JPG

    This is Kerr’s “Value Line” model KL196. Decent materials and craftsmanship, made in the USA, with zippers sized appropriately for their intended use, but missing some of the refinements of their regular line. Note the absence of a wind-blocking flap behind the main zipper and the non-removable liner.

    Kerr Cafe 48 3 open.JPG

    It has a nice bellows-type feature at the back of the shoulder, but no provision for adjusting the waist.

    Kerr Cafe 48 4 back.JPG

    In this view you can see the single-snap collar and the mixed grain leather used.

    Kerr Cafe 48 6 collar closed.JPG

    I use this one for casual wear; it layers well enough for cool, breezy Bay Area mornings. It is also a comfortable driving jacket. I have other jackets more suitable for motorcycling, though…
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