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    This is a Kerr W-collar motorcycle jacket in size 50. I think it is a model number KL192Z. I bought it on eBay in November 2006 for $82 and sold it a month later (too big) for about the same price. I’ve found that modern Kerr’s seem to run true-to-size or a little large.
    Kerr front a.jpg
    It has some of the usual features of a classic W-collar: slanted main zipper, epaulets, collar point snap, zippered sleeve cuffs. Note the absence of the slanted chest pocket and the change pocket often found on W-collar jackets. Also, no belt and no snap at the bottom of the zipper. It has a few of the newer innovations like a zip-out liner and flap-type adjustments for the waist.

    Kerr waist adjustment.jpg

    The leather and zippers are lighter weight than a Schott 141 or 118. The leather also had a suspiciously uniform pebble grain; I think it may have been stamped to cover imperfections.

    Kerr leather b.jpg
    The zippered inside pocket on the main zipper’s wind flap is a nice touch. It is even on the right, so you can get into it with your left hand…I ride old British bikes. Some of you will understand.

    Kerr inside pocket.jpg

    This was a very comfortable jacket which had seen little use. If it had been a 48 I would still have it, wearing it as a casual jacket and maybe occasionally for riding. Personally, though, I’d like to have more leather between me and the asphalt if it came to that.

    Kerr lining.jpg

    So, FWIW, a reasonable price (on the used market) for a jacket less functional than a Schott but much better than some others in the same price range.
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