Inexpensive jacket #2 Schott cafe 141

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    This is a Schott 141 in size 48 Regular. The man who sold it to me said that he bought it new in the late 80’s. I won an eBay auction at $90 in February 2004; it was poorly pictured and described. The seller expected more and reasonably so. I sold it the following winter to get money to buy a new one.

    For a mid-range jacket, Schott uses pretty nice leather: thick and soft. The jacket is nicely detailed, with a two-position collar, very stout snaps, and a heavy main zipper.

    my schott 141 d.jpg
    It has a generous pleated area around the back of the shoulders and well-made belt/buckle combinations at the waist for a little adjustment.

    my schott 141 b.jpg

    There is a thick pile liner for the trunk area that zips in and out, and a large inside pocket at waist level.

    my schott 141f.jpg

    Zippers and buckles are decent weight.

    my schott 141e.jpg
    All in all, a very serviceable garment for motorcycling!

    my schott 141 c.jpg
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