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    This is a Brooks café-style jacket in a size 48. I don’t know when it was made, but I guess a size 48 gent was smaller than today. Too bad, because this is a decent jacket. I bought it on eBay in February 2007 for $75 and sold it a few months later because it was too small for me.
    Brooks cafe 01a.JPG
    The leather is lighter than a current model Schott. Other than that, the quality seems similar. It would certainly be usable as a motorcycle jacket. It has zippers where they need to be, a neck that closes up nicely, some adjustment for the waist, and a pleated back.
    Brooks cafe 01b.JPG
    It has a wind-blocking flap behind the main zipper, and a removable pile lining.
    Brooks cafe 01c.JPG
    The zippers are appropriately sized for their intended use.
    Brooks cafe 01d.JPG
    I hope you all enjoy this little photo-essay. Sometimes it is fun to see what the average motorcyclist might have worn a few years ago.
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    I have one exactly the same, except mine has an A-2 style collar. I found this Brooks catalogue on FB which shows both styles. Mine, sadly, is missing the liner.


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