If its gotta be military but its gotta be black..

Tim P

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in the spirit of the pattern recognition stuff, although unlikely to be inspired by such, Alpha are now doing an interpretation of the M43 jacket in black as well as in OD (I have a Ralph lauren one and I love it, (that and an M51 in blue and a paratrooper jacket in black)) How good they are I have no idea but alpha jackets, like cockpit ones, if they lack in accuracy they are still nonetheless well made. will try and post a link.


I have to admit that I like a well done civilianization of some military clothing. Some things, like a paratrooper jacket just don't quite look right for daily wear, but with a few mods, it could be a very cool everyday jacket.
I have always wanted a m-65 in navy, but never picked one up.
There is a show on cable called "man vs food" where the host takes on all you can eat challenges, hot food, etc. I have noticed he wears two different jackets with a military look, one black and one khaki, defintly not issue jackets but look pretty cool, and blend into civilian surroundings better. The first pic in the link below shows the jacket I am talking about