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ID anti G suit post war


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at the open-doors, someone ask me if i can give an identification on this one.
alas not.
i know it's a high altitude flying suit (anti G). but nothing more.
someone can tell me wich model is it??
wich era ???
the guy say it's for sale but have no idea of the possible price.
can someone have an idea???
the suit is complete in real good state, well marked.
the label say it's a ''Berger'' if i remember well but i don't remember the description and no time to read (and wrote something) ; is it possible that the model is : MC-1 or MT-1 not more sure.
if you are interested by this suit , let me know , i have the adress of the guy (not far from me).
and i think that she may be yours for a good price (+- 150 200 euros) that's what the guy told me.
so, in case of interest, pm me.

byeeeeeeeeeee marcel