I need help !


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Hi gentlemen

I bought on ebay this Buzz Rikson L.S.L B-10 for 450 euros ( jacket price + 156 euros for importation taxes )
The seller send it with Pitney Bowes
The package arrived at the Amsterdam customs on January 8 ... he passed customs without problem .
Since then .. no news .. my package disappeared .. I phoned at Amsterdam, the post office .. no one is having my package
And I’m having no email or phone number to contact Pitney Bowes in Belgium
Can somebody help me ? Somebody in the US or UK


I had something similar with a package that dissapeared at this stage. You can reach Pitney Bowes at pbisgspcs@pb.com . I was very pleased with their customer service, but unfortunately the package was lost. Ebay ultimately refunded me.


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i already wrote at this adress ..the answer : this mailbox is no longer monitored and you will not receive a response. I must contact the seller (who doesn’t answer) or Ebay (they told me to contact Paypal what I did)


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Again, sorry about this...
Just saw 20,12 US$ for shipping from USA to France?????
My last purchase ( a Luftwaffe jacket ) was 147 US$ for shipping only...not customs. ... only shipping for same way...
Sorry as already mentioned many times...cheap is cheap...by all means.
Again sorry about this...hope it still arrives.