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How to take apart a vintage zipper to add a pull tab

Ian a

Hi, as title says, at moment I have a temporary pull [wire] I now have the original pull tabs for this and would like to know how to take apart and add pull tab, the zip seems to have a spring in the crown, I can see a hole either side which possibly has a pin and wonder if this needs to be pushed out to open, any help appreciated, thanks


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You want to replace the whole slider really. This is done by removing the "stopper" at the top of the zip on the side that has the slidder. It will be a small metal stopper adjacent to the last zip tooth. Prise it off carefully taking care not to damage the zip tape / fabric. Once off you should be able to slide the replacment slider onto to zip track. Once on try and operate the zip a few times to make sure it all functions well before reattaching the zip stopper by clamping back on the tape next to the last teeth. A pair of small needle nose pliers are best for this.
Trying to replace tab won't really last and i would certainly not attempt to dismantle the spring loaded autolock ( the autolock is a spirng device that prevents the slidder opeing the zip through gravity )
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