How to PM


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I notice "conversations" on members profile pages. Are these PMs? I have been in them but was unsure who could see it. I want to PM members but do not want the info public or readable by anyone else. Is this still possible?


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Yes. A conversation is a PM it would appear. I also was not sure when I first did that if it was open to all.


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I wonder what I see then? Are these conversations visible to any member looking for them?
I believe you are looking at a Profile Post which is visible to all. A conversation is between the sender and receiver only.


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I noticed this recently, as well. It’s the same set up in more than one forum that I’m a member of. I hesitated but then gave way to it. I figured or hoped it was just a different way to “say” private message. Turns out it confusing as it is.

- Ian