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Hi guys,

I have a question. I want to pimp the darkblue B/15C I recently bought with era-specific patches. I see a lot of patches on the internet I might be able to use, but is there a place/way to verify if it the patch(es) is/are correct for the era? I can find clues on the internet sure enough, but I would like to have an authorative source that is able to date them correctly.




You can add to B15C any Korea period patches, oversized and pretty expensive.
Some Korean war patches cost like WWII patches.
Anyway good patch from Korea hard to find and costs from $60 -> $600.
To check original period design go to wikipedia or google.
I fond this one for good price (Left)


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svejk said:
I want to pimp the darkblue B/15C I recently bought with era-specific patches.
Svejk, a couple of years ago I bought an Alpha Replica B-15C with the idea of patching it, and set about doing some research toward that end. It appeared, from what I found, that Korean era B-15s were seldom patched, and when they were, it was with only a single oversized wing or squadron patch on the chest.

So I just ended up just leaving mine "nekked".



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Welcome to the forum. ;)

Authentic period patches are difficult to date. I've been somewhat of a vintage patch collector for a few years and I've learned a lot. Most of what I learned came from the folks at this site.

As Tomoko stated, these patches can be VERY expensive. I'd doubt you'd be able to find a Korean War era patch for under $150-$200. Prices start coming down when you reach 60s era patches, but some of those can also go over $200.

I wish I could give you better advice, but I just don't have any experience with Korean War era patches. Good luck. ;)


If you are lucky to find a patch like this, you can put it on the left side
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