How to contact Asian vendors / manufacturers AND get a reply?


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here is my problem:

I have tried to contact the company ASAHI in Japan.
They are the manufacturer of WALDES zippers, and I was looking for the grommet / riveted zipper they produce:

As you can see at the top of the page, there is a contact address and the statement that ASAHI usually replies to inquiries within a workday.

...I never got a reply.

Now, I didn't ask for a price quotation for 1 or 2 zippers, but complete sets of tape, sliders, puller and rivets in the amount of 10, 50 and 100 ... for two different tape colors.

I was wondering if and what I did probably wrong....

...are the amounts too small to even expect a reply from a manufacturer?
...don't Japanese companies answer to "non-business" inquiries ( only B2B?) in general?

I must admit that I find this rather frustrating...



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Probably minimum order is 100,000 thats why they do not reply .There is a Japanese member on the site contact him to see if he can get a reply for you ? .



two things:

1. I do not think that the global demand for this special zipper (used on the 1939 Werber for example) is larger than a couple of hundred pieces per year.

2. I got two zippers from a Japanese store that sells repair and replacement kits... they did not had to take more than probably a dozen...Why? Because I had asked for more than these two zippers and they didn't have them.

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I assume you wrote in Japanese? Google translate is a bit weird in some languages but with good will they should get the drift.


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No, all English... But that whole part of the Asahi website is bilingual. In general, they seem to be prepared to deal with non-Japanese customers...


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Try here, seller answer and send oversea: