How Old & What Style?


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Hi There! First time poster here, hoping someone can help with what style and how old this jacket is. I've read on this thread that Startown was started in the 70s and purchased/merged into a new company in the 80s so I assume this jacket must be from the 70s? Someone wrote in what looks like black sharpie under the flap of one of the breast pockets, is there anything recommended to get that out? Finally, I can't find any other styles like this from Startown, are their jackets rare (Qty tag says 10, does that mean only 10 were made?) Thanks in advance!



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Hi Simo!
Welcome to VLJ! .... when you get a chance tell us a little about yourself. Regarding your jacket ... it’s a commercially produced jacket made for that market. Can I assume that you purchased this in a vintage clothing or a clothing re- sale store? If that’s the case it might account for the marker under the pocket , which I believed was the reduced price of the jacket $15- . While we are a vintage jacket forum , we tend to focus on a few limited types of jackets such as biker and military jackets and clothing . Please hang around for a while as others will be along to pass on anything they know about your jacket.


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Hey B-Man2 thank you for the quick response! I'm new to the vintage world, this was one of my first grabs I was intrigued by the inner tag directing to a specific cleaner and the liner pattern, yes it was from a re-sale store for $15. Thanks for the info and the warm welcome!