Here’s one for the guys who wear Roughout Service Boots .


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Did you use a hair dryer to heat it into the leather ? Or brush it on?

Bought a new one for the task. Then figured I could use that and drag my old one out of the shower. ;)

The Dubbin melted easily enough in the sun...


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Well …. The scrub down is finished and the boots have dried out and are ready to wear , so here’s the before and after photos .


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Ok … I hope you guys found this info useful . So don’t toss those old Roughouts in the trash . Just give them a good scrubbing down and a second chance . You may be surprised at how they turn out . Thanks for your time .
Burt are yours the MilTec ones.?

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Now that you made me curious I checked up a related (but older) thread here and in essence the majority advice was to go for ATF's version as being the most accurate reproduction. Apparently ATF ran out of stock and can only pick up new delivery earliest 2023 o_O . Is there a common sense regarding the "2nd best" option (ideally for Europe)?
I got the SMW double buckles because I had found out that ATF sold out :(. They are decent for the price but they don't come as the light sand color like other rough outs its more of a light brown. After dubbing they look the same as other boots though.


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Light layer oil of mink…Was not sure what they would be like but actually really comfortable and will look loads better when they get a bit buggered up..View attachment 66293

One thing mate, be careful with the mink oil as over time it will rot stitching. A few applications are OK but if you can get some dubbin it's far better.

Did you play rugby or any kind of football? If you did it's the same stuff the coach and your Dad made you put on your boots over the season. You can buy a tin of the stuff at most shoe shops, sports shops or camping shops.
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