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Help wanted to identify a patch


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Hi Guys,

Back in 1983 me and a couple of friends were involved in the making of a videoclip of the Star Sisters

One of my friends was wearing an original A-2 jacket which can be seen in various shots in the clip and some more close up from 3.08 in the clip. He bought that jacket from a wholeseller in the Amsterdam region at that time for a stunning 100 Dutch guilders . It was a big jacket too and at least a size 46. Wish I could find something like that today ;)...

There's a squadron patch visible which was original to the jacket. On the back of the jacket (alas not visible in the clip) was a painting in dark red of a donkey and a name Red Ass.

I've seen this sort of patch before but I can't find it on the net. Maybe one of you can help me out?

Thanks !


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Hey thanks John ! You are a living encyclopedia ;)

I was able to find a pic and some history of the plane Red Ass .

Thanks again !



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Cool jacket and cool clip, thanks, didn't see it before.
These three beauties were very popular in 80s, I remember the discos of my youth :). It was a new wave of popularity of retro music, thanks to the Dutch.