Help Please for a US Proxy with very small US only ebay purchase


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Hi guys, I wonder of I could be very cheeky and ask if anyone in the US would be kind enough to help me please with the purchase of a tiny USAAF ebay purchase (small silver winged propeller charm) , value $12, plus P&P. If someone could buy in the US and then forward to me in the UK I would be very grateful. I've contacted the seller and he resolutely point blank refuses to ship to me in the UK sadly.

I will pay you immediately F&F on Paypal all costs and a drink for your trouble, assuming the item is still available. You will just need to me how much the seller wants for shipping and how much to send to me in the UK.

Any help very gratefully received. I don't know why the ebay seller wont't send to the UK directly, but he won't!


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Anything from wild records you might be interested in buying, I can get Reb to put it in a parcel for you if the seller allows you to pay and send it to Rebs address in CA.
I would do it for you but I'm in Australia which is no help.


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I’d be happy to help out .
send me the info and your shipping address.


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Hi Gentlemen, thank you so very much for your kind offers of assistance. Mr Flynn, what a great way for me to get more records this month too! And I didn't plan it at all!

But I have to be sensible (sometimes!) and Jorge I have sent you a message so hopefully still OK with you and the item is still available.

For those interested the item is

Cheers all and thank you very much again