Help — What is this?


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Hi! Just found this form because I recently bought this jacket and am curious to know more about it. I’ve been looking online trying to find more from the details I can find on the jacket but so far I’ve got nothing.
Details I’ve found (all pictured as well)

“Made in Korea P” on tag
Leather piece with French writing on inside of collar
“Genuine Leather” Tag
Inspected by tag with a stamp on the back, “33” is in the center of the stamp but I can’t make the rest out
Zippers are KYY USA
Buttons say EXP in a circular emblem with lions on either side

If you know anything and can tell me about the history of the jacket I would so much appreciate it!



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1980s fashion jacket made for Express. Zipper pull on the wearer's right means it was likely made for a man. Based on the timeline in the Wikipedia article, that means it was likely made between 1986 and 1989. Unless a label specifies the type of leather, that may be difficult to ascertain. It looks like lamb, it might be lightweight cowhide. You might try Google translate to see what the label says in French, but it looks to me like generic promotional copy.


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I dunno why I bother sometimes either, I try to make an effort with these ‘looking for information on my mall jacket’ posts-I’ve had a couple get all huffy and offended when I’ve politely tried to explain that fashion jackets aren’t our area of expertise, or, as is often the case, you tell them it isn’t vintage or valuable and you don’t even get a reply. But if we don’t respond, you get ‘what? No one will help me??’ or we get a reputation as a bunch of miserable, unhelpful jacket snobs. Then again, every whip and flip, somebody pops up with something genuinely interesting.