Hein Gericke Leather Type?


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New member, first-time poster here... i hope I'm in the right place!
Does anyone know what type of leather Hein Gericke used for their vintage bomber style?
I'm ISO a vintage jacket made from full or top grain goat but cow would work, too. Recently found a Hein Gericke bomber that looks promising but there's no "materials" tag. Just the Echtes Leder stamp. Any info would be appreciated. Or name some other brands that did use goat and/ or cowhide (I'm working with a less than ideal budget, though, so Schott and the like are out).



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Most likely cowhide, I owned a mcycle jacket from them many years ago and it was great for the purpose. If you like the jacket and it fits good & is cheap, buy it & enjoy it,


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Welcome aboard. If it’s not cowhide, I’ll be surprised. They’re a bike gear manufacturer, and apart from the odd roo hide, most of them use cow. A closer look at the leather surface would give a better idea, but I imagine if it was anything other than cow, it would say so. I’ve had several Heineken Geriatric bike jackets, it’s good kit.