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headwear to wear with yer flight-jacket ...

AZ Drifter

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Anyone tell me what this cap is? Got it when I bought my
B-15c jacket at estate sale. No tags, pretty good cond., strings are o.k. could use a cleaning, but that's "patina" - eh?!
Thanx, Ric.

AZ Drifter

New Member
Looks civilian to me.

I take it there's no label, but are there stitch marks where one might have been?
Thanx, Stony. No tags/labels or evidence of having had any.
I didn't know anything about it, except color is real close to the B-15c sage & flaps almost same as collar on jacket. No matter if it's civi. It is still warm with our cold Arizona winter.
Here's a pic of the B15:


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Ken at Aero Leather said:
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Whoa—-It’s the “Peaky Blinders “ caps.
Love them and the series. It was a hit here in the US.
I just got my fifth newsboy cap yesterday, so I am officially addicted. This one is made of linen and naturally settles down on the sides unlike the wool or tweed versions. Not as warm as the others, but with spring coming in the near future, I'll need a lighter one to wear.