Heads up for anyone looking for a new blue BR N-1 XL US$288


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I found a shop in Australia where I live selling the blue buzz ricksons N-1 with us navy on the back on sale for AUD$395 about US$288.71
I bought a medium for myself and there are two XL left.

The shipping was free in OZ, the website says this for overseas shipping
New Zealand - $25 AUD FLAT RATE. Shipped with UPS Courier Service
Please allow 3 to 7 Business Days for Shipment to arrive.

Rest of World - $30 - $50 AUD FLAT RATE ( Calculated at checkout )
Shipped primarily with UPS.

I entered a US address and the shipping came up as AUS$40

I put it here instead of the ebay forum to get more attention because I don't think they will last long.
Hope this helps someone get a cheap BR jacket.
If the medium does not fit me I will be selling it here for what I paid.