• Hey guys, I had to upgrade the VLJ software because the old one is being phased out. Please let me know of any issues in the SITE UPDATE THREAD. Thanks!

Having trouble finding th page online.....


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Tried to go to the VLJ page via AOL like I have been , wasn't able to find it like I usually do , anyone know what's up with that ?????? I usually type in- vintageleatherjackets and it would go to the log in page , it doesn't now ?????


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Can you bookmark the forum page or save as a favorite? Also most forums, once you log in I believe there is a tick box you can check to keep yourself logged in. It’s been so long I don’t recall if this one has that option but I never have to log in so it should be the case.


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Hello and thanks for your reply, I don' have a cell phone ….
So its a PC issue? My VLJ logs out from time to time with the Windows updates. FB and eBay are two more that require fresh log ins around the same time. As long as I save my password or tick the remember me it comes up again for the next few weeks.