Had-to-have BR MA-1 with line crewman liner


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Been on the lookout for a BR with the line crewman theme. Their G-1 woulda been too.....conspicuous? Which is exactly what was its purpose of course.
Like the red Northrop Scorpion MA-1 this type MA-1 may never have existed, but a similar jacket (G-1) was around back then, though not particularly well known as it wasn't a flight jacket. Years ago, I've seen a couple black-and-white pictures of the checkered cloth line crewman jacket in action, but a not-so-long search didn't bring them up.
As usual top quality jacket, warm, well-fitting, classic, cool, you name it.
Since all my BR jackets have the black tag in the neck I was surprised not to find it, but then I realized this is a late era version with the white tag in the left pocket.

Seller from Japan was quick with shipping (one week exactly - shipments from the UK often take two weeks or more to cross the North Sea) and thankfully this one didn't get hit by customs.

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