GW Dubow Has Landed

Beautifull jacket. Don't worry about the tight feeling impression you got when you tried it for the first time, I also have a GW Dubow sz. 42 and I can tell you that it will adapt to you as much as you will to it. It looks right on you, don't worry. It's incredible how tiny details make such a difference. When wearing mine I do stand out from the rest of clothing people wear in that the trim and fit are really from another time. It feels so authentic and genuine. That is what I love best of my jacket. Enjoy yours!!



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Great, now I want a seal horse Dubow from GW even more.

Fantastic jacket, it looks great on you. I'll just have to console myself with my GW Bronco and Perry.... :lol:


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Cobblers161 said:
Any opinions on the intial fit? I like the trim look.
The jacket looks great: trim fit on the body, like someone else said: very 1940's! The sleeves are slightly too long (a bit of 'tunneling' on the cuffs is visible) but you will be amazed about how much they will shorten and change with wear.
Here are two before (wearing) and after (one year of wearing) shots of my ELC Werber that illustrate this perfectly (I've posted them before):
Great jacket, I can't wait for my GW Dubow in goat to arrive!
Personally, I think the amount of tunneling shown in the pics is perfect when standing. When you sit and reach, you won't end up with the cuffs at your elbows. As noted, they will shorten a bit as they crease. was that 24" with cuff? My measurement from the top of my shoulder to the web of my thumb is 24" so I am wondering where it falls for you. I am thinking about the same jacket "someday" and I am obsessive about sleeve length.

22.5" for a 42 seems a bit on the smaller side as I thought I read that the actual measurements ran about 4" larger than the tagged size, but it should stretch out fine with wear. It looks fine. Enjoy it.


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Yeh, that's 24" including knits, I understand about the fear of tunnelling and I measured 24 1/2" when I sent the info to John, clearly he knows how each contract fits and his interpretation was this, and it's fitting perfectly.