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GW Acme / Aero 18775 just bought

Officer Dibley

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Nice jacket and well done! I saw it on Facebook too but couldn't open the pictures.
I was watching “Battle of Britain” and thought i’d see if any ELC A-2’s were up for sale and saw Andrew’s ad’. He posted it 10 minutes before. I knew i couldn’t dawdle. If it doesn’t fit i know i can get my money back.


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Damnit, just bought this on Facebook from Andrew Swatland !! Swore i wouldn’t get another bloody jacket !!
Anyone recognise it ? There were wings & a sqn patch now removed. Might have to get them put back on if the stitching is too noticeable.

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That’s sweet . When something like that pops up for sale, you can’t be too hard on yourself for jumping on it . Congrats!
Fit pics welcomed if you’d like;)

Silver Surfer

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hahhahahaha, i too, swore off any purchases of repro a-2s some years ago.....yet within the last few months, i have purchased two used elc a-2s. a-2 in need of a 12 step program ya think?


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It's one I sold him on eBay six or so months ago. I picked it up there at a very good price and the seller tried to avoid completing the sale because it went cheap. I didn't like the fit so sold it on quickly for just a very little bit more than I paid for to cover my expenses . He got a bargain.