Greedbay costs

Silver Surfer

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if you are shipping domestically, factor in the price of shipping in your desired sale price, and offer free shipping to buyers. in this way eb does not charge ya a vig on the shipping. right noe eb is demanding alll sorts of shit in order to list and sell. because of the eb rep, and international representation, they are top dog and do as they wish. my guess is that because of blow back from sellers they will revise their selling requirements, yet again, to accommodate sellers.......maybe. I've put more eb execs brats through college, and im pissed as hell over the new eb policies. alternatives? fb and or Etsy., but those venues are lower volume. thus, unless there is a person looking for what you wish to sell, your goods will just languish in the ethersphere.

Officer Dibley

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And now they tell me i must enroll in their global shipping rip-off program. One step too far. I’ll be closing my ebay account. Greedy barstewards
If nothing else, i’ll save money by not looking and ending up buying what i don’t need. Folk won’t ship outside the UK at a minimum.


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Wait for a special offer and you’ll pay a lot less in fees. No matter what anyone says, in my opinion Ebay still beats other platforms if you want a relatively easy sale and to make fairly decent money.


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My problem with EBay is that they do very little to look out for the seller. Just this week I had a non paying bidder . I sent him about 4 requests for payment over 5 days and not a word . Now we’re talking a $55.00 sale , nothing super costly, and the NPB has over 700 feedbacks with a 100% feedback score . Well once I declared him as a non paying bidder to get my sales fees returned, I was really pissed off, so I wanted to leave negative feedback for this guy. But then I find out I can’t leave any feedback for him. The asshole gets to keep his 100% perfect feedback rating in spite of being a non paying bidder. What kind of crap is that . I have a 100% rating and over 1350 sales, that I work hard at keeping . This guy gets to keep his perfect rating and stiffs people by screwing up their auctions and not paying . Of course I could go on and tell you guys a lot of different instances where the seller gets screwed but I’m betting you guys all have your own stories . So that’s my complaint with EBay , they don’t offer the seller the same levels of protection that they do for the buyer .