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Great ORIGINAL United Sheeplined A-2 on eBay 24 pit to pit


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Wowza. I feel like that seller doesn't know the value of what he's selling. With a little love, that jacket would be in prime wearing condition.


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It’s got all the ear marks of a good looking A2 after a little TLC (Tender Loving Care)is applied to it.


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It’s a beauty. Love the colour, and look at the way the collar is smooth on one side and grainy on the other. Looks very shiny though, I hope somebody hasn’t gone overboard with the Pecard's, or neatsfoot or similar.


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its funny, for me this original is simply too "new" looking for me to be interested in. i prefer originals with some wear, that's kind of the point, at least for me. Funny, who would not want such a pristine hide. The repair work is minimal unless there are issues we can't see.


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I am so temped by this as it is one of my favorite contracts and you don't see the large sizes come up often, but I would be swimming in it with 20.5" shoulders and a 27" back.