GoodWear vs Eastman


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I have the impression that John is favoring the horsehide from Victoria, but maybe that just has to do with the test jackets I see in my size. Jan, you probably know better than me! John also has some nice goatskin coming in from a new source that has really wonderful grain.

Yeah, he definitely leans toward Italian for the test jackets (unless he's testing a new leather, of course). But he's told me that he thinks Horween recreates the look of vintage horsehide better than anyone. So I'm not sure why the test jackets mostly seem to be Victoria. Maybe Victoria's easier to deal with, so if he's making a test jacket, he'll default to the leather he can most easily get more of?


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I always point to The Great Escape in comparison to my mid-90s ELC 1401. The collar lays just the same as Hilts's.

Not sure if ELC has changed up patterns since then, but my 1401 is a favorite that won't get passed on until I'm near the end.
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Maybe the collars need extra wear to shape up nicely, and for all I know, it could be authentic. Pulled this one on Google images-it looks like a Roughwear phenomenon-but the collar just looks off to me. There is no “roll”. Still a lovely jacket!


even this one.
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