Good Wear Leather - Willis & Geiger M-422 " American Volunteer Group "


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Looking for the best manufacturer of A-2 and M-422 Jackets , I asked for Brice's advice .
Brice said to me: " Good wear Leather ! There is nothing better than him . "
I sent an email to John to ask him if he has a A-2 or M-422 Jacket size 46 available without believing in a quick response ...
John answered me last night !
He suggested to me this beautiful Willis & Geiger M-422 " Flying Tigers " size 46 ! He took care to ask me for my measurements , and this M-422 is perfect to me !!
I showed the jacket to Brice and Peter who told me: " it's a masterpiece for your collection , take it ! "
I did business with John last night ... ;)


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Here is John's email with the jacket’s description :

Hi Raphaël,

Thank you for the note! I do have a Willis and Geiger M-422 right now that has Flying Tigers pages on it. It has the shield with the tiger by Seal Collins and then a shoulder CBI patch that I made using Shinki horsehide.

This jacket was a test of a few ideas I've had, and I made when my button holer wasn't working. I sewed the button holes myself using the regular leather sewing machine, but the stitching is extremely clean, and just as solid as what a button holer does. I doubt anyone would notice that I had made the holes, rather than a machine.

I've worn the jacket for about a month, probably about 10 hours in total.

It has these details:

- Chrome tanned goatskin, light seal in color, aniline finish
- Brown rayon lining (correct for this contract)
- Dull purple USN knits (should be brown, but I like those)
- dark brown cotton thread
- vintage mouton (from the 1940s)
- vintage WWII brass Talon zipper

The jacket is comfortable, and my own body dimensions are:

- 6 foot 1 inch tall
- 195 pounds
- 42.5" chest measurement

If you are that size, or a little bigger, this jacket will fit just right. For the chest, this jacket will do well up to a 44" chest. Any bigger and it will be a little snug, but even that is OK.

Thank you so much!