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Goldsmith A-2 Reproduction - Headwind Mfg Co


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Thanks for the comments guys.
Yes the rivets are not covered by the leather collar stand. The hook and eye are installed correctly, not the wrong way around.
I don't know about a "Faux Pas" because other A-2 contracts had the rivets exposed as well.
Like the W535-AC-23383 contract for instance:

Granted the SAT A-2 had them under the collar stand so it could go either way. What are your guys thoughts? Were they most likely installed like the SAT? We don't have photos of that part of the jacket so we can't say for sure.


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Jay.................don't shoot the messangers
Quite the contrary, I was asking what everyone thought about the hook attachment method and I always appreciate feedback. Thanks guys!

If it had been visible in the photos, it would be easy to get it right with no guesswork.


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The amount of research that goes into making accurate repros of all these jackets is impressive.
Great job by all the makers ....and impressive input by you guys as well.:)


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I for one am confident that unless a surviving Goldy has wild card details, like a yoked shoulder, it will be essentially the jacket Jay is making.