Gloves Horsehide Riding Unlined from MASH Review


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I wanna do a little review of a pair of gloves I couldn't be happier with:
The official called "Gloves Horsehide Riding Unlined" 1st model from 1939, commonly better known as Para - Gloves or Paratrooper Gloves since they became popular after the BOB series or movies like Fury etc.
I wanted a good repro set of them since quite a while and tried at least 3 different manufacturers but wasn't happy with all of them.
The problems were too thin cowhide with a cheap appearance, too big stitch lengths of the seams, modern shining polyester threads, incorrect stampings, cheap casted zinc buckles but the worst part was always the cut. The Thumbs were 1 1/2 cm too long, the little Fingers were too roomy and I always had the feeling the Gloves will slip off my hand even it was my correct tagged size.

Tired of this I finally ordered a set of this gloves at mash japan, even this means they are a little more expensive, the shipping time is quite long and I have to pay additional custom fees.
It was absolutely worth it !
These gloves are perfect by all means.
They are made from thick durable horsehide with a smooth surface, the seams are done perfect with correct stitch lenghts, the little buckles are made from nickel plated stamped brass like the originals, the adjustment straps have the correct length and are even double seamed at the end also like originals, the stampings look pretty authentic.
The fit is outstanding, they feel like a second skin. BUT be warned that they are pretty stiff when new, it took me almost two months of almost constant wear to break them in. I'm pretty sure they will last a loooong time, they're built like a tank.
For all guys who are interested in such types of gloves: you can't get any better, they are the best repros of the 1939 riding gloves available.

A few pics after 2 months of wear:


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Enigma, these gloves are superb.
I am curious to see how the patina will appear with such a light color. It might give some very nice color variations.

Is this the same type of gloves that ELC reproduces ?

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ive had the el versions, el cheapo, eb versions, and everything [including unlined work gloves] in-between, but those mash jobs look outstanding. I have always ended up removing the the buckles and straps, as they were always in the way. I just went to the mash site and Black Friday- weekend, Monday? they aint giving em away, then are they? reckon ya pay for quality.......always.
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MASH never fails to deliver! I have a couple goods from them (US Navy cap and A-10 gloves), and the craftsmanship is superb. Kudos on your gloves, they look extra nice!


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I’m going to have to check these out! How is the sizing?
It's true to size, I usually have a size 10 and that was what I ordered. But bear in mind that you have to break them in, so they feel tight and stiff at the beginning. When you are through this they fit perfectly. If I had ordered a size up the gloves would be too roomy now