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Genuine or repro M422a?

Ken at Aero Leather

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I've had another closer look at this one, I'm 99% certain that the jacket passed through the Thrift Shop, probably in the late 1970s.
Something about the SQ Patch set my memory into search mode
The knit is definitely the same as we used back then, the seam in the cuff, colour, bobbling are all typical, also the lack of topstitch on the cuff, one of the girls that did some repairs back then didn't always do this top stitch.
We did, after all, usually have hundreds of jackets sitting around requiring enough work to make them wearable, far too many to be too precious about the less rare :>(


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Nope sadly I missed it - I was a little too suspicious. Jojo flagged it up - I’ll also have to apologise to him for questioning it’s authenticity. Thanks so much for the detail Ken it’ll stop me making that mistake next time - should there be a next time?
Mind you it didn’t sell for £125. When you go to completed items it shows best offer accepted and £135 crossed out with a line through it so it’s anyone’s guess what it sold for?
Rob Naylor
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Hi All,

Several months back this same jacket was offered to me. Contacted through my Ebay jacket sales. That same seller thought he had a regular gold mine there!

At first look I was enthusiastic. Initially mistaken for what might have been a M-422. But after receiving more descriptive pix and knowing that the squadron patch could be as much as 25 years or more out of time I balked.

The owner indicated that he acquired the jacket some thirty years back. In my mind being diminutive sized, without it's original label and modified if sold as stated then it went for about the right price.

Cheers, Dave
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