"General Leather" vintage jacket. Need help with maker

Discussion in 'Vintage' started by EllePerryy, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. EllePerryy

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    Hi, I'm new here! I joined specifically hoping that you guys could help me find the manufacturer of a vintage jacket. The was my husband's grandmothers jacket, and now my mother in law is asking me to help her find out info about it. It's a black leather jacket with belt, with a fur collar. According to my mother in law, it's silver fox fur. The tag inside simply says "General Leather New York". I've done tons of googling and located General Leather Company in London. I messaged them on Facebook hoping they could tell me if this is a vintage piece of theirs. In the meantime, I'm hoping all the experts here can help. Photos of the jacket and tag below. I hope I'm posting this in the right area! Thanks so much!


  2. EllePerryy

    EllePerryy New Member

    Just to clarify, I have no clue if this is from the company I messaged in London or not. My husband's grandmother was from England, so it's a possibility. However, it's also a possibility this came froma million other places, so I don't have a clue.
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    Welcome to the VLJ forum.
    Your odds of identifying your jacket have increased by joining us. I was not able to access your photo's
    thru Photobucket. Several of us have terminated our Photobucket account's for one reason or another.
    Other members will be along in due time to help you with your search.
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for replying! Yeah, I wasn't too sure about the photobucket thing. I haven't used them in years. I tried to just add the photos but it said they're too large. Any advice on how to post them here so more members can see? Either way, thanks again!
  5. Silver Surfer

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    no soap on pbucket, nada. i might add that most of the folks here are military and vintage guys gear addicts, so the knowledge about gals gear may be a little sparse. but, ya never know.
  6. MikeyB-17

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    Cornwall, UK
    Hi, welcome. Photobucket is pretty much a dead issue around here these days with their new setup, most of us aren't using it any more. You can upload pics direct to the forum without too much difficulty. General Leather isn't a well-known manufacturer AFAIK although chaps in the US may know different. Several makers had contracts for flight jackets, which is how they're known to most of us here, General weren't one of them. I suspect, much like today, they were one of many small companies making leather jackets which have come and gone over the years. BTW, just in case you were thinking of asking how much it's worth, the chaps here don't do valuations. If you weren't, fine, but we do get that a lot. We're nearly all blokes here, so ladies' jackets aren't really our field of expertise, but like Vic says, someone here might have some insight. Good luck with it.

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