G-1 L.W. FOSTER 7823 (AER) AMEND. #2 (VP-21)


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L.W. Foster produced probably one of the best G-1’s IMO, but this AMEND. #2 is a rare variation of 7823 (AER), fiscal year 1955. It belonged to P2V Neptune pilot who flew in VP-21 Patrol Squadron.

This beauty is in great condition, considering it’s around 65 years old. Leather is very supple and the mouton fur collar has that rusty tone.
CONMAR zipper working perfectly and original knits are in awesome shape too.
Right chest depicts a VP-21 “Black Jacks” patch and on the left chest is a leather name tag, printed “LCDR W.C. TRAUTMAN”.

Here are some pictures for your entertainment... hope you enjoy them!




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excellent G-1! I love my 1956 LW Foster G-1 very much.
I see you have the same size of jackets with me :) If one day you are going to sell something from your WW2 A-2s let me know first.
Many thanks @Flightengineer and @ausreenactor, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out these days.
Also Dimitry I will let you know as soon as I get something in our size for sale. Most of the time size 42 does the work for me but they are really hard to find.


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Nice jacket. I have been a member here now for a little over two years.
I have yet to find a vintage original that fits me that I could claim as mine. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards for some folks. I have since stopped looking and caring. So the patience part only works when it’s accompanied with the luck.