French cyclist jacket (Hartmann jacket) by Pilot


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Looks good in those last few pics
Aero still has a range of Levis, original American made and Japan stuff from memory
Plenty come up on the bay
Lee jeans are to some the better denim
TCB jeans do some raw or pre washed denim but be very specific with size as more often they come smaller than requested
Grant is hot on denim stuff and there are plenty forums out there for denim


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Yesterday I wore the jacket for the first time to go to work. I hadn't worn it a lot before because it was not yet cold enough in Toulouse, or it was raining too much.

I had very good feedback !
A colleague even wanted to try it.
No one said the jacket was too short. The cut is relatively timeless. ;)

It's funny because people immediately think it's a pilot's jacket. While it is basically a civilian jacket.

And personally I really love it !!!

Now I am moving towards more "vintage" clothes to wear with the jacket. Lots of very interesting things to associate. I just have a few issues with my sweaters. I have to tuck it into the pants when I put on the jacket if not it sticks out and looks like a skirt.
I would have to find relatively short sweaters.