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    Hi, Folks,

    Some basic rules to follow which will mean a minimum of interference from the moderators.

    1. This forum is for the use of all our members and not all members are reading this in a private place. So please consider that your posts may be read by people for whom it wasn't intended such as co-workers or even children when being viewed at home.

    After all, not everything we see on a computer is fit for consumption by everybody in your family.

    2. Respect the person when discussing topics that may be of a controversial nature - it is the points of view that are being discussed not the character of the person presenting them.

    3. When posting pictures that are decidely adult in content - please mark the subject line in CAPITOL letters informing all so it isn't opened inadvertently in mixed company.

    4. If you absolutely feel it is necessary to use profanity to get your point across - please stick to the censored word form - I know it's silly as we all know what is meant but we are trying to be a family content forum rather than in a barroom free-for-all.

    5. Let's just assume we just came home on leave, brought a few buddies with you and are staying at your parents home - now you wouldn't use profanity or verbal abuse to ask Mom to pass the butter or fly into her if she had a different political point of view than yours.

    6. When posting images / pictures containing nudity - please include NUDITY CONTENT in your heading / title.

    Remember the whole point of the forum is friendship with a bare minimum of moderator interference.

    Chris, John, Kevin and Bill

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