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Flight Jacket Books

You guys have probably been asked many times what are the best books on flight jackets especially A2.
Please give me your best views on the top books and how to purchase. Many thanks
Gary Eastmans A2 book nuff said !
I have a few various copies of lighting Japanese magazines and ‘hell bent for leather’ which is probably the most informative I have and awaiting the Eastman ‘brochure’ so will purchase the Gary Eastman A2 book if I can find it cheers Carl. I can see how this starts digging into the ‘disposable income’


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‘Hell bent for leather’ is not really a terribly good book. Don’t believe too much of what you read in there. Not got the Eastman A-2 book but I believe it’s the definitive volume on the A-2. There’s a Japanese book called ‘Gear up!’ which is highly regarded but hard to obtain and very expensive. I like ‘Suit up! The flight jacket’, by Kesaharu Imai, which although in Japanese, has lots of good pics and is a handy resource. There’s also Maguire and Conway’s books such as ‘Art of the flight jacket’ and ‘American flight jackets ‘ which are worth a look.


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I just got this Suit up! book mentioned above, haven’t started yet as I got it this morning but it has some cool pics, would be great to have a Japanese friend to understand it tho :D

Btw Gary Eastman’s book is on ebay!
However I’m looking if someone here has one that is no longer needed! Or perhaps we need two now! ;)


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Full Gear is not even available on Amazon. I spent ten years trying to find 'Badges and Uniforms of The World's Elite Forces;. Two on Amazon now. There have been copies listed, and sold, for up to US$1000 in the past.

Keep on the hunt, but expect to pay an insane amount for it....


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Maguire & Conway's books are good. Sweetings U S Combat Flying Clothing is an old standby [along with the equipment volume as well]. Good coverage of jackets but not the only focus. More text and b/w photos make them less appealing to those who like / require big colour photos and less words.