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I had one recently that I resold, and I was impressed ... surprised even. It fitted well, good colour, knits, and hide ... the only strange feature was the epaulets which faced forward, like a nametag. I guess the shoulder seam should be further back.

I read a thread here, or on TFL, where one member advised to go for the goatskin version, as it was much nicer, and the cow/steerhide was thin. Mine wasn't like that, good weight, and quite horselike.
The FAI A-2 is a typical late 1970's early 1980's reproduction, I've had 3 of them. They are decent jackets for the period, and can occasionally be found on eBay for cheap. The A-2 came in two hides; cowhide and goatskin, the latter being a better choice. These make great jackets to paint artwork on the back, or sew patches to. They also made a G-1 that was a notch above their A-2 in quality, supposedly they had a Navy contract.
The owner of the company was killed in a light plane accident, and the company went out of business.
I have a virtually new goatskin FAI A-2 in a 38 Reg. if anyone is interested.


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These make great jackets to paint artwork on the back, or sew patches to.
The guy selling painted jackets said the ones in size 42 were FAI jackets.
The ones in size 44 were made by Cooper.

Is FAI sizing equivalent to a mil spec snug or a civilian roomy ?


In the early 1980's I went to the airport in Hammonton NJ a few times where they made these jackets & would pick ones thet I liked.
I owned a few & still have their G1 which is adequate.
The A2 was OK but the collar & pocket details were not correct & the sizes seemed to run just a little on the small side, however if the price is low & you can get your size why not.
Hope this helps.

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I just picked up one of these on the cheap from eBay. It was brand new, unworn, and had some promotional branding embroidered on the left breast. I thought I could just pluck the embroidery and slap a patch on it if the jacket fit well. The branding would fit perfectly under a WWII name strip, or a 4x2 nametag.

Alas, these do run small, and a 42 was tight on me. It’s less comfortable than my Cooper, and my Cooper is not comfortable.

Leather looks like cowhide, and it is still totally smooth. Thickness is like horse. I think it would break in well and be a good facsimile of HH.

Collar is quite large.

Knits look like poly+wool. Probably very durable.

It’s probably going back to the ‘bay, albeit without the tire company logo.


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Thanks. That’s the thing - the jacket looks good on static display, but doesn’t quite get it done in motion. I guess I am just used to a G1 or a CWU.

Moments after I took this pic, I went downstairs to fix a bowl of soup for lunch. I could not reach the above-stove microwave without the jacket riding up to my navel.

I found an un-worn, closet queen 1990-ish size 44 Avirex horsehide (not the MacArthur) from an estate seller a few days ago. Well under $100. We’ll see if that fits any better.


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Nothing abnormal for an A-2, it's only those pesky G1 that are WAY too comfortable and spoiling their owners forever! :p