FiveStar Leather Reproduction J.A. DUBOW MFG CO. A2

Shawn Ali

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I just checked Eastman's guide, and you're right, 2BM2K, RAU ball studs were used for the Dubow 27798. Given that GW, BK and Dubow all use United Carr, however, and Shawn's already invested in these press studs, I think it's fair for him to stick with them.
I have the both press snaps in inventory

Here is the similar as used in Original Jacket.



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What type of better copies you are expecting, if there is any problems with existing zippers please highlight, all of our zippers are imported from Talon International.

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I expect your new jacket will be with exact copy of WW2 Talon used by Eastman, Aero etc

Modern incorrect "replica" of Talon International like used AVI and Bronson

Сan you show a photos of the zippers that you plan to use on your Dubow?
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