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Hi Dear @Ken at Aero Leather

I knew that you are the one who warmly welcome's me on this forum, I also respect you and your seniority in this field, I never challenged anything relating to you, Instead all of the things you suggested me to be ethical I followed them although those practices disturbed my business but I am totally doing the ethical practices, I explained I was not aware that those images were relating to aero if I knew we definitely would never post them, Regarding some other jackets please be aware we are manufacturing Replica's or new jacket articles from years I recall I was unaware about this jacket and one of a customer send me these images for the first time when I was even not active in this forum I made Its first prototype and asked the buyer about this jacket also searched on the internet and found this same article is being offered by many many online stores so we post its images along with our own produced images, I came to know by your message that these images belongs to you So I intimate my staff and updated them immediately, So if unintentionally we hurt you or your image we assure we will be ethical.

If you are still not satisfied with my explanation I would welcome you to please send me all of your concerns on my personal email (shawn.fivestarleather@gmail.com) I would be very well responsive on them.

Best Regards


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Hi Everyone,

In hopes that all of you are fine and doing good.

Well just for essence I try to summarize all of our G1 Customization options in just few images Please find them below, You can make them customize any way you wish to see, any further recommendations will be highly welcomed
G1 Lining Options.jpg

Knitting Options.jpg

Mouton Fur Collar Options.jpg

Collar Printing Options.jpg

Thread Colour Options.jpg

Size Chart G1.jpg

How To measure a G1 Jacket.jpg

Much Obliged


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Important Notice: We are on Our EID Holidays from 12 August 2019 to 15 August 2019, all of your order requests will be proceeded after holidays.


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It’s new and stiff hide.... you might consider giving it a chance to break in before you do that .