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Shawn Ali

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We Reproduce this jacket with the help of one of our Lovely Customer, Please find below his review and images of that

"After a purchase of 55J14 and M422, five star gives me confidence to their quality.
This is my third orders to their jacket, but this time, i ordered a 1.2mm leather to make the jacket stiffer. This M422a acquired a good craftsmanship, quality of leather as before.
Specification of the purchase:
1. 1.2mm dark seal brown goat-hide, size 48, but shorten the length of jacket and the sleeve to fit my body.
2. Silver Talon zipper
3. USN stencil
4. rectangle collar seal.
5. Light brown collar fur
6. wine red silk lining"
DSC07033 copy.jpg
DSC07037 copy.jpg
DSC07037 copy.jpg
DSC07048 copy.jpg
DSC07031 copy.jpg
DSC07029 copy.JPG
DSC07016 copy.JPG
DSC07028 copy.JPG


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Looks pretty good Shawn... :) I've posted it before that I thought the 1.2mm goat I received in my other jacket would be perfect for an M422-A / G-1, and it sure does look great to me. :cool: I don't know about the 'wine red' lining though..may be the way the pic was taken, but it looks more of a 'safety orange' to me.. Other than that, VERY nice IMO.. ;)


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Classically, M-422As are a more chocolate shade of brown than the dark seal used on later Navy goat jackets.

The mouton collar is typically a rust brown color, with a short nap.

The rayon liner is a dull brick red, or sometimes, a dull burgundy color.

Edmund T. Church NXs-5133


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My G&B M422-A (cost me $700.00 USD new) is about the same color as 5-Star's 1.2mm goat pictured above.. For the inexpensive priced offered, I'm not going to be picky about the exact authentic shades of brown.. There was so much variance when produced during wartime, I'd wager I could find others in a similar shade as 5-Star's as well.. ;) If Shawn wants to try and offer an M422-A in a chocolate color like posted, I wouldn't complain however.. :)


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I had mine custom-made (when they did that sort of thing) into an AN-J-3. I would like to see 5-Star source a lining color somewhere in the ballpark for theirs if possible.. At these great prices / at the rate they are making improvements, and are receptive to customization's, I'll probably have one each of their leather U.S. military jackets before long.. :p


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Look at the one Steve S. made me, also a W&G M422a, it just looks so different from the ones shown here. It could be lighting, it could be the cut or the leather, it could be a lot of things but it's just off: