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This was a half belt that aero leather Scotland sent out and the customer had claimed some issues with some marks from transit. Not sure of all the details but Ken asked if I would see what I could do with it.

It came to me like this. An Olive color.
Jacket fit me like a glove. A little snug in some areas, but my first look at a half belt up close. I was impressed with both the jacket and the leather. Vicenza. I honestly don’t know what the customer was unhappy with.
Lovely jacket. Anyway. Here it is before.
View attachment 14634

I did some tests and finally came up with this.
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I am grateful for the opportunity to work on this with aero leather Scotland. This one took me a little longer than my BK redye.
And a bi-swing back, cuff snaps, epaulettes and a totally different cut. Apart from those, exactly the same.
Thank you for your kind and constructive comments Peter. I am done with this place and trying to help and encourage people.